“What Even Is?” Artist Statement

Our existence can be confusing and seem absurd. There are no shortage of ways for us to try to make sense of why we are here and what our purpose is. Everything from having a family, to creating art, to faith in religion can make us feel like we have a reason to be here and explain the many things we don’t understand. These are not foolproof, however, so questions and crises arise daily. 

I use figurative narrative to illustrate people coping with these crises. I prefer indelible materials, like ink on paper, so that changes and corrections are difficult to make and show in the finished piece. Religion is a prime method for creating meaning and answers for millions. It’s something I was raised with but no longer practice, although people’s faith and belief in the unseen still fascinates me. These figures are referenced from illustrations in a Bible story book I would read as a child. The characters are taken out of their familiar stories, which lends them anonymity from their historical identity, and mixed together to deal with various daily situations. Humor and irreverence, even in the most serious of circumstances, are an important aspect of the work as they balance the dread of the experience and keep expectations humble in the search for meaning.